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Unit panels are made of sheet steel with aluzinc coating (ALZN185). The type of this coating provides reliable metal protection against corrosion and is recommended for use in areas with harsh air conditions. The service life of metal with this type of coating - up to 50 years. Warranty against penetrative  corrosion - up to 30 years. Our competitors use ordinary painted steel, which after a few years begins to corrode.


We offer frame units based on anodized (also corrosion-proof) aluminum profiles.

The anodizing procedure is going as follows: the structural element to be treated is placed in an acid electrolyte (for example, in a solution of sulfuric acid), and then connected to a current source. The result is the formation of an oxide film on the metal surface. Products made of anodized aluminum alloys are valued higher than ordinary aluminum - due to their advantages:

- not corrosive,
- have high strength and durability,
- easy to care for.


In addition, aluminum anodizing gives the products additional aesthetic properties and a respectable appearance.

Frame execution of air handling units. At the moment, our main competitors offer their installations in frameless design. With this version of the equipment there is a large number of "pitfalls":

- over time there is a problem with the tightness of installations,
- problem with the geometry of the installations,
- problems with functioning at high air pressures.

For frame units of big sizes the intermediate profile is used, which allows to use smaller panels.

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