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In 2011, the production of MC-R type roof-top conditioners was started. Currently, we have mastered the production of roof air conditioners with:
- gas heating (we have all necessary permits)
- electric heating
- water heating

Roof air conditioners are also available in both "cold" modification and "heat pump" modification.


In the production of MC-R roof air conditioners only components from leading European manufacturers are used. We provide a rich option set even for standard modification (for example, the economizer, air damper actuators, mounting frame and many other things - all this is included in a standard modification).


Another advantage of our equipment is that the units have a frame construction and are insulated with 25 mm thick panels with a mineral wool filler. The panels are made of steel sheets 0.70 mm thick with Al-Zn coating (ALZN185), which provides high resistance to weathering.

Easily removable panels provide full access to internal components.


The automation system can be made on the basis of controllers SHNEIDER-ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, REGIN (Sweden).
The standard option includes:

- automation controll panel (installed)
- remote display
- duct temperature sensor (installed)
- outside air temperature sensor (installed)
- room temperature sensor
- air pressure transducer (installed)
- air damper actuator - economizer (installed)
- the three-way valve with actuator, the freeze sensor for the option with water heating
- two overheat sensors (58 °C and 85 °C) for the option with electric heating

Since 2011, more than 800 rooftops have been installed in Ukraine.

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