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BPS Clima was founded in 1968, and initially specialized in the production of ventilation ducts. At present, the brand is present in the market of 40 countries, and 85% of the equipment is export-oriented. The company's production area (15,000 square meters) is located in Italy in the province of Treviso.



Fan coils of the FC series are made in two-and four-pipe execution. They are optimal for air conditioning of residential, commercial and administrative premises. The case of fan coils is made of high-strength galvanized steel that guarantees their wear resistance and durability. Powder epoxy coating of the decorative case with the subsequent firing provides its protection against corrosion and attractive appearance. The standard coating color is white (RAL 9003). The condensate tray is made of galvanized steel and covered with a layer of insulation.


The heat exchanger, which is characterized by a high heat transfer coefficient, is made of copper tubes with aluminum fins. The easy-to-remove cleaning filter with a capture efficiency of 60% has a fire resistance class of M1 and is mounted in a galvanized steel frame.


Centrifugal fans are characterized by low noise and optimal air consumption. The electric motor of the fan with the built-in thermal protection is compatible for 3 speed modes. Fan coils come with fully executed internal electrical connections. All wiring is connected to an electrical unit located in a separate section.

The fan coil body has free space for the installation of any compatible optional controller.



Cassette fan coils are the ideal solution to the problem of air conditioning for residential and office space. The main advantages of fan coils of the CAS series are attractive design, compact sizes, low noise level and optimal air distribution in the serviced room. The strong steel case provides wear resistance and durability of a product, and also convenience of installation. The drainage pallet is made of galvanized steel and covered with a layer of thermal insulation.

The built-in drainage pump guarantees reliable condensate removal. The heat exchanger, which is characterized by a high heat transfer coefficient, is made of copper tubes with aluminum fins. The low-noise centrifugal fan is completed with the three-speed electric motor with the built-in thermal protection. Fan coils are delivered complete with the infrared control panel and with completely executed internal electric connections.


The attractive and innovative design gives this product a modern look that integrates well into commercial environments [shopping centers, stores, warehouses, kiosks, etc.] as well as industrial environments typical of such devices.

Description of the standard unit: 
- The rear part (= Support structure) is made of very thick galvanized sheet steel.
- The housing is made of extra thick galvanized steel sheet, pre-painted in white RAL 9002. Compact dimensions.
- The adjustable air supply grille in a single housing (allows the air flow to be directed in any direction up/down) is made of painted gray RAL 9007 sheet, which is in nice contrast to the white housing (the grille blades are made of pressed sheet steel and are adjustable).
- The pan is equipped with a condensate drain and thermal insulation (class M1). The main body has internal thermal insulation. 
- The water heat exchanger (for ATI-E1A/E3A/E1SG/E3SG/T1A/T1SG/C3A, ATIIE-EA/ESG/SA versions) is made of copper tubes and aluminum fins, which are fixed by mechanical flaring. Heat exchangers without ventilation valves, standard connections on the right side (on request on the left side).
Heat exchangers are tested at 30 bar, suitable for use with water at a maximum pressure of 15 bar.
- The electric heaters (for versions: ATII-E1E/T1E/C3E, ATIIE-EE/CE) are manufactured in accordance with international electrical safety standards, with clad aluminum fins. They are supplied complete with a protective thermostat "TB" with automatic reset (without power relay).

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