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The group of Italian companies BLUE BOX (SWEGON) was founded in 1986. Engaged in the development and production of a wide range of equipment for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems.

Until 2007, BLUE BOX air conditioning and refrigeration equipment was manufactured at four plants belonging to the group of companies of the same name. The factories are located in northern Italy, forty kilometers from Venice. In 2007, a new plant in the same region (Piove di Sacco (PD)) with an area of 22,000 m² (total territory area of 50,000 m²) was opened. BLUE BOX is currently one of the largest refrigeration companies in Europe.


Also, one of the distinguishing features of the plant is that the conveyor principle of production (several lines) is used, instead of fixed location assembly. This became possible due to the fact that the plant had a fully automated system for receiving, processing and placing orders.


The BLUE BOX plant has a special climate laboratory, which has the right to test the technical characteristics of refrigeration equipment for the EUROVENT certification committee.

BLUE BOX has the ISO 9001 and EUROVENT certificates

Also the equipment is certified in Ukraine.

The plant tests each unit of equipment for compliance with all technical characteristics. At the end of each conveyor line, the unit is connected to the refrigeration system (specially designed for the factory needs) and then brought to operating parameters and tested for all characteristics.


BLUE BOX also includes a separate BLUE SERVICE division, which deals only with warranty and post-warranty issues.

- air-water chillers, power from 6 to 1750 kW
- water-water chillers, power from 6 to 1527 kW
- compressor-condenser units, power from 6 to 344 kW
- compressor-evaporator units, power from 5 to 1357 kW
- rooftops
- multifunctional units
- precision conditioning units
- fan coils

Detailed technical information about this equipment

You can find in the file archive.

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