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REFRION was founded in 2002. Today it is developing rapidly and produces heat exchange equipment (dry cooling towers and remote air condensers). This was made possible by 20 years of experience in this field by the core team of employees.
The company's production facilities are located in the northeastern part of Italy, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, which borders Austria and Slovenia. This area is famous for its traditions in the production of heat exchange equipment. Highly educated technical staff and skilled labor are concentrated here, as well as manufacturers of high-tech equipment - accordingly, it is quite easy to find suppliers of components.


Significant and continuous investment in R&D allows REFRION to constantly improve its equipment, increasing the efficiency of heat exchangers, reducing electricity consumption, which leads to lower operating costs. The visible result of these efforts, backed by the high professionalism of employees focused on solving any kind of technical problems, was the creation of a wide range of equipment offered, a choice of more than 22,000 models.

REFRION has the ISO 9001 certificate.


Strict control, which is carried out in accordance with the developed internal instructions, guarantees the production of high quality equipment which is applicable in

- industrial enterprises with technological processes 

- energy industry 

- oil industry 

- telecommunications 

- conditioning 

- industrial and commercial refrigeration systems

Detailed technical info about the equipment

You can find in the file archive Refrion

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