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Types of heat exchangers such as water heaters / coolers, steam heaters, freon coolers and electric heaters are used in ACM air handling units. Heat exchangers consist of copper tubes with aluminum fins - standard (also possible other versions).


The number of rows 2 ... 5 is standard (higher rows are also possible). The collectors are made of copper, which prevents electrocorrosion (equipped with fittings for drainage and purging).


Water and freon coolers are equipped with a drainage tray and a drip trap. Optionally complete with hydraulic siphon.


Operating parameters for heat exchangers:

For water: maximum pressure 1.4 MPa, maximum temperature 130 ° C
For freon: maximum pressure 4.2 MPa, recommended evaporation temperature +3 ... + 8 ° С
For steam: maximum temperature 180 ° C

Electric heaters:

The electric heater is a group of resistance heating elements (PHE). (heat-resistant alloy Cr-Ni-Fe). All heaters are mounted on a galvanized steel frame, equipped with a terminal block, disconnected on the step and have two overheating thermostats (60 ° C and 90 ° C).


The power of the electric heater is selected and installed individually for each order of standard power heaters. We have experience in the production of air treatment units with electric heaters over 500 kW.

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